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We aim to strengthen seniors’ well-being and empower healthcare services.

A reputable consulting service prioritizing a people-centric and family-oriented approach. Our team of experts possesses a range of diverse skills uniquely tailored to meet the specific needs of two core platforms- seniors and health services. With a specialty in providing senior care services and supporting health services with daily operations, we’re dedicated to advocating for our senior clients through health services navigation and providing health organizations with the necessary support to operate efficiently. Our advisory services are designed to guide clients toward informed decision-making, and we’re committed to helping them achieve outcomes that are best suited to their unique requirements.

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About Mildred Ababio Consulting

Mildred Ababio is a highly qualified Advanced Practice Nurse in Gerontology with a Masters in Business Administration. She began her nursing career in neurosurgery at the McGill University Montreal Neurological Institute-Hospital. She has since worked in various nursing specialties across urban and rural Quebec and Ontario, serving a diverse patient population. Mildred is a passionate advocate for patient safety and high-quality care and has a contagious passion for education and academia. She is a natural leader who has mentored and fostered her staff’s professional growth and development through her leadership. Mildred’s years of experience as a Director of Nursing and LTC Consultant have equipped her with a wealth of knowledge and expertise she brings to her consulting practice. Mildred is highly regarded among her peers for her problem-solving abilities, excellence in patient care, and commitment to improving efficiency and maximizing performance in clinical care settings. She is known for her warmth, humility, and compassion towards others and always expresses appreciation for the efforts of those she works with.

Benefits Of Working With Mildred Ababio Consulting

Specialist in Senior’s Care

We understand your needs.

Strong Advocate for Seniors

Passionate about helping others.

Gerontological Nurse Certified

We collaboration with older adults, and their families.

Empathetic and Proffessional

We use emotional intelligence and cultural humility approach to care

Passionate about helping others

Providing better care, better health and better life for our clients


Advance level and fluency in both English and French

Experienced RN

Close to two decades experience in consulting, management and education.

Highly Skilled

Uses methodologies and frameworks such as PROCSI, LEAN-DMAIC, LEADS foundation RNAO Best Practice Guideline(BPG)

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Clients Love


I was lucky to find Mildred when I needed advice and guidance regarding my elderly Mom. Mildred is knowledgeable and gave proactive and practical advice to handle hospital discharge planning, home care, and the questions I should ask of the professionals involved in my mom’s care. Mildred also assisted me and provided me with tools to guide me in my Advance Care Planning and Power of Attorney for Care for my mom. I highly recommend Mildred and her company.

Errol Plummer, Ottawa

When I transitioned into a leadership role as a Director of Health and Wellness, I sought out Mildred's services twice. She offered me invaluable guidance and onsite support that helped me succeed in my position. Mildred educated me on legislation, report structures, and effective team management, including how to manage my direct reports. What sets Mildred apart is her ongoing support and check-ins to ensure my continued success. Thanks to her services, I felt more confident in my role and was able to improve my performance.

Fatima Alao, Ottawa

I cannot recommend Mildred Ababio’s Consulting (MAC) enough! When my mother had to undergo major surgery in Montreal, I couldn't be there for her throughout the length of her stay, as I live in Saskatchewan and am a working mother of 3 young children. A friend recommended that I contact Mildred, MAC stepped in and provided exceptional support. They ensured that my mom's medical needs were met at the hospital and continued to assist her during her recovery at home. The communication was excellent, and I always felt involved and informed. MAC's services were flexible and tailored to my mom's needs, giving me peace of mind and reducing my anxiety and guilt. Thanks to their help, my career and family remained intact, and my mom received the care she deserved. I've used their services for five years and have nothing but good things to say. If you can't be with your loved ones due to work or distance, I highly recommend Mildred Ababio Consulting Services for their outstanding support.

Amma Amin, Maryland, USA

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